About stoba

stoba Präzisionstechnik has been specialised internationally in manufacturing high precison metal components for more than 50 years.

As a partner to the automotive industry, the company is a leader in the production complex machined components for high-pressure injection systems. stoba Präzisionstechnik is known above all for innovative mass-production processes which meet the highest requirements in quality and efficiency. The quality products are installed in most motor vehicles world wide.

stoba Präzisionstechnik employs approx. 900 workers in the manufacturing plants of Backnang, Small Dole (Great Britain), Yantai (China), Brno (Czech Rebublik) and Charleston (S.C., USA).





Backnang southern Germany

40.000 m² production area

300 highly automated manufacturing systems

300.000 parts per day

Backnang, southern Germany

Small Dole Great Britain

Small Dole, Great Britain

Brno Czech Republic

Brno, Czech Republic

Yantai China

Yantai, China

Charleston USA

Charleston, USA



These three pillars underpin the corporate philosophy of stoba Präzisionstechnik. Day after day, the company impresses its customers with outstanding service and products of the highest quality and efficiency. Cooperation based on partnership, from the initial project phase to completion of a major project, is the basis of a successful relationship between customer and supplier.

Motivated and qualified employees have a key role to play in this success. At stoba, they carry forward the expertise that has accumulated over decades and are committed to our corporate values with passion and dedication. The company’s own training centre and the use of the latest technologies ensure that stoba will continue to hold its position as a leading partner to the automotive industry.

At stoba, great emphasis is placed on tradition and value-oriented management. Inspiring confidence and assuming responsibility not only characterise dealings within the company; they also play a key role in ensuring that we act responsibly towards the environment and society.

Company perspective

stoba – well equipped for the future


Strong growth through new markets, steadily increasing demands on quality and efficiency, as well as a high degree of flexibility – these are the challenges in the automotive industry.

Our aim is to be able to meet these challenges successfully today and in the future with our employees, using the latest technologies.

Our broad project portfolio means that we are for very well placed for almost all drive applications and vehicle types as well as our international dimension. In the future, stoba will continue to strive to be the ‘best partner for our customers’.

Christoph Bode, Managing Director